The story so far

Let’s just be clear before anyone get’s the impression I’m some sort of guru at this trading stuff…

I have yet to make any money trading

What that means is I have had winning trades but on balance I’ve been losing money. I reckon to date I’m down >£300 having started in a fairly un-disciplined manner about 6 months ago.

Seemingly making zero progress I invested in the K2A (Knowledge 2 Action) Stocks/Shares trading course which weighs in at about £2K for a weekend, DVD and thick manual. This was valuable for meeting like minded people and getting a glimpse of what is possible financially so in my opinion it was money well spent and helped my mindset.

I’ve probably also spent >£150 on various trading books. Some are really interesting and useful while others are a total waste of time. However I really do learn a lot from reading so I don’t mind about this – it’s also led me towards reading two of Van K Tharp’s books that I rate very highly.

So I’m re-positioning/re-framing my expectations to work on a two year time line and putting all my experiences and ideas down here in order to help to keep the momentum going.

UPDATE: 10/10/11 i.e. about 12 months after attending the K2 A course… Please read my blog update hereand then think very, very carefully whether you want to part with your hard earned cash. I’m not going to openly criticise but I am going to strongly hint there are much better ways to actually learn to trade


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