Efficiency and saving time

I guess one of the things I’ve been struggling with, especially as I began looking at placing trades on FTSE 350 stocks is that there are a LOT of stocks and really who has the time to go through them all every day so you don’t miss a potentially lucrative trade?

I believe in the efficient use of systems to optimise what I’m doing.

With eSignal and going through the K2A course you get a version of their screener that’s set up for PowerPlays’ though it seems the only way to really expand this to other criteria would be to pay for a monthly (increased) data rate… Not particularly ideal given where I am at the moment.

Also, eSignal isn’t linked to any of the broker packages I use so I’d have to see a position and then enter it in another package which, unless it’s just end of day creates a time-lag that could lose me some points! What I found today is great! You can program IG Index’s Pro-Screener for FREE!

This means that if you can describe something then you can write it down and if you can write it down it means you can program it to look for 350 stocks for you in seconds! w00t!


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