Free EOD data

I asked IG index whether they had more up to date documents for their Pro-screener, Pro-builder and Pro-backtest apps because the ones on their site are all listed from 2008… and it appears they get all this from another company!

Go to and get the latest documentation (v3.1) which is more comprehensive and explains a shed load more things you can do!

Also you can sign up for FREE End of Day data from them without any worries. Excellent.


2 thoughts on “Free EOD data

  1. WC

    Hi Rob,

    I just found your/this Blog while searching on some info about PRT behviour inconsistencies and reading this well written blog feels like déjà vu! I would love to have a chat with you relating the spread betting / trading topic. 

    Now my query about PRT ProBackTest code. 
    I was trying to get some code to work on PRT platform provided by IG, which failed to work as expected, mainly coded SL simulation not working as 
    expected. After some research, checking the same code one the PRT platform provided on the website, the same code did work as expected. Have you heard of this before or have you similar experience?  Please let me know and we could collaborate on this. 
    I am not that experienced on PRT yet, but I would expect the same code on the same underlying platform to behave the same.  Please let me know of you are interested and I can give you some more details. 

    Many thanks for reading this feedback 

    1. robertsweetman Post author

      Hi Mate

      I know a little bit about this type of thing.

      1) I believe that IG Index version of Pro-Real Time’s charts platform is one or two releases behind in the functionality that they offer. This may be the reason why code on the PRT site works but there’s issues with running the same on IG’s platform

      2) The way I got around this problem was to send the work I’d done so far to IG Index’s support team (related to charts). The query I had was quite complicated (it seems) but they did give me an answer after 2-3 days. However I decided not to pursue a ‘programming’ approach to trading because I really don’t have the background for this to work for me. I’m not a programmer and have no inclination to learn

      3) All my efforts are now focussed on a much more discretionary approach based on support/resistance and price action so am sadly not inclined to collaborate on this.

      I hope the point above are useful – thanks for your interest in my blog and the comments.

      I’m more than happy to talk about spread betting / trading with anyone 🙂 so email me here robertiansweetman at gmail com and we can sort something out via skype etc.




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