Trading… while working…

Or, in other words… ‘I have a job so how do I deal with the demands of learning to trade too?’

There is a simple answer to this question which demands a lot of your ‘self’ to actually implement…

It’s taken me more than three months of procrastination to get to my target which I managed to achieve for the first time today, Tuesday 29th March 2011.

What was my target? To wake up before 7pm, pay attention to the markets, plan some ideas (still early days) for looking at different things during the day and then go to work, having made at least one trade. Ta Da! Sounds simple, right? Wrong!! WRONG!! WRONG!!

To be able to make this ‘simple’ change in my habit I’ve had to force myself to not stay up till midnight (which I’ve done for literally years) and go to bed at 10pm rather. I have to not play any sort of computer game at all or start watching any kind of movie. I have to go to the gym directly after work or I’m all hyped and can’t go to sleep till much later. I have to plan my meals. I have to just stay off the interweb and start winding down at about 9.30 to have any chance of actually getting enough sleep to not be a total zombie in the morning.

For me, this is a lot of changes. However, what a difference! This morning I was keen to see what was happening. I had a positive outlook. I felt alert. I looked at some setups during the day and while they didn’t work out today I did learn a lot. Most importantly, having started the day as ‘a trader’ I’m now excited to carry on reading or learning and looking at today’s performance.

So while I’m holding down a job I’ve managed to get in three hours of trading related activities (plus some trades) and I’ve just got back from work! This actually means I could hit my 2,000 hours/2 years target with ease, accelerate my learning curve and of course my financial results.

On the ‘business’ side there’s no greater incentive than making money to achieve my dreams 🙂


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