FX spread betting = £££ needed

So here’s an idea… While FX might be the most ‘trendingest’ market, due to the huge volumes, as previously pointed out you can’t possibly hope to make good decisions unless you’re not under stress. Not really having enough cash to cover a loss is pretty stressful so there must be a psychological minimum… I’m sure it’s possible to have a stab at working this out.

£0.50 is the minimum amount you can place per point on IG Index

100 points is a fair number when placing your stop so you don’t get stopped out prematurely

1%-3% max is what you want to risk per trade

On this basis you needs a trading account that is between £1667 and £5000 in size if you’re going to trade FX without ‘worry’ over incurring losses that your account can’t handle.

Since the average spread account size in the UK is £980(?ish) then most people are essentially using money they can’t actually detach themselves from emotionally… no wonder losing is easy!


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