Teach yourself to trade – INCENTIVES (part 6 of 6)

If you begin anything it’s usually with an over-arching goal in mind… Well, it should be obvious that I’m not sitting in the Caribbean next to my luxury yacht so how do you keep yourself focussed and moving forwards in the meantime?

However the challenge is really that this is a two YEAR project for me and ffs how do you keep moving the whole thing forward as the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune etc. other commitments and just the fleeting nature of time buffet you about like a turd in the sea?

Incentives, or in other words… bribes with conditions attached.

Pick something small which you’d like to sort out, fix, or change and then absolutely don’t allow yourself to ‘cheat’ – only by achieving your interim goal will you be able to fulfil your promise to yourself.

For me, it’s to get a new phone…

The phone I have                                 versus…                    The phone I want

So yes, I broke my previous smartphone by dropping it on the kitchen floor and now I’m living as some sort of social pariah with a £9.90 handset from the O2 store. It could have been worse… they also had a pink one 😉

Phone on the left. Icons for menu selection, calls and texts but only if you have the patience of a saint and the message is short/curt/rude.

Phone on the right? The completely awesome Samsung Galaxy S2 which will do your tax return, runs Android 2.3(?) and generally kicks huge amounts of internet enabled derrière!

On this basis when I’ve made some decent gains from trading I will be replacing my phone, and NOT BEFORE! 

Incentive? Check!


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