It’s Thursday the 6th of October and today I am a happy trader 🙂


Well, nothing spectacular actually but I feel a certain sense of achievement.

I began the week on Monday morning long AUDUSD, EURUSD and GBPUSD from about 8am with all finally getting in to profit… Closed the first two just before 9:30am (phew) and then got taken out by the UK trade numbers (-27pts) when I should have closed my position before the news release. I wasn’t paying enough attention otherwise I’d be +40pts up… So I walked away slightly battered and kicking myself for missing this obvious point where I should have closed everything. I’d rather recognise that I wasn’t paying enough attention than blame this on ‘bad luck’. News really matters!

Later in the morning I clawed back 17 pts from another news release by following a better strategy but not before I’d lost another 10pts to entering an idiot trade ’cause I was pissed off. Bad psychology reared it’s ugly head again slightly there though… need to pay attention to that still 😉

Today was good though for a number of reasons. I went long GBPUSD after the BoE announcement and picked up 45 points so am back in profit slightly for the week. This was based on a proper entry strategy and some confirmation so I was also happy to sit out the whole move as the position got into profit. This was a good trade.

Now I’ll be the first to admit these results are not earth shattering overall. However, even with some glitches (bad lizard brain) and Monday’s mistake I’ve continued to make progress as a trader. Of course great opportunities have been missed but I’m really beginning to enjoy the process as much as the outcome.

Today I did good, learnt some more things, I’m content and looking forward to tomorrow

Thanks for reading.


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