Time to bring the ‘A’ game. Seriously.

Welcome to 2012 where the western economy is basically screwed. Chinese workers will soon start to militate for more of the fruits of their labours and the Russians have finally begun to get fed up about a select few robbing them blind.

Ladies and gentlemen I bring you the decade of discontent… and I’m not even factoring the middle east into my thinking. Heralded by denial in 2011 the pidgeons of discord will really come home to roost in 2012 and beyond. Does anyone remember conversations in the first half of 2010 about the FTSE reaching 7000 and gold getting above 2000? Yep, we were all driving with our eyes shut 😉

If I had the personal choice or the skill-set I’d be looking to move to Australia or Canada in the near future but sadly I have neither of these options. I wasn’t paying attention to anything outside my little ‘bubble’ until maybe the last couple of years so haven’t got to the point where I can bugger off and trade from the beach just yet 😉

So the option is to step up within my current personal framework and completely excel as the world essentially goes to s**te in a handcart. What does this mean? Well, since everything is connected (and we all know this to be true, right?) this involves everything from diet, fitness, sleep, time-management, my job and of course trading. It’s time to bring the ‘A’ game as there is no other option.

If you’re currently working and want to keep doing so then you need to become even more damn indispensable than you already are. If you’re trading then you need to trade even more like a BOSS than you already do. The aim is to get to an un-assailable position of security as quickly as possible ’cause there’s little slack time remaining at this point.

Now, people will have two or three different reactions to this post…

1. Don’t be alarmist, we’ll be ok and it will all be fine. Sorry to disappoint you there but it’s not looking likely from where I’m sitting. If you feel good about the future outside of yourself then I’m happy for you. Smarter people than you or I are preparing for meltdown

2. You’re wasting you time worrying. Yes, this may be true and if I happen to be wrong then great. I’ll have moved farther forwards faster than I would have done otherwise so I’ve essentially got closer to my goal quicker. Sweet 😉

3. What are you talking about? I don’t want to hear this and I think you’re some sort of dangerous conspiracy theorist… I’m sorry, I can’t help you. Please stop reading and go back to watching Eastenders

Now I’ll be honest and say that my whole intention with trading really revolves around achieving a level of independence from the usual ‘working for someone else’ route. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the reasons to do this have become even more compelling in the last 6 months as I’ve (obviously) been paying more attention to what’s happening in the financial arena.

I have no idea whether Cameron will be proved right or wrong in the long term with his latest decision on Europe but it shouldn’t have got to this anyway. So here we sit, an island within Europe, afloat on a wounded financial services industry with scant comfort other than the fact we’re not Greece, Portugal or the other wounded…

So what’s my plan? Make sure I’m bloody indispensable, add value to whatever I’m doing or with whoever as much as possible, get this work recognised and make sure to bring the ‘A’ game at all times. Oh, and learn to trade like a BOSS, of course 😀

Personal responsibility just got a whole heap more compelling…


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