An aside on brokers…

So I’ve been looking at different brokers for the last week(s) for no particular reason other than I like the look/feel of MT4 charts and the fact that they’re not Java driven. It’s quite possible this is simply another example of ‘mucking about’ rather than addressing the actual issue of making decent trades.

Well, thinking about it a little, this is definitely a case of looking at the scenery instead of driving down the road – or whatever mixed metaphor I can come up with 🙂

However during this process I’ve been slightly dis-concerted by the efforts made by brokers to get you to use a demo/open an account and trade with them. Considering I’ve probably received at least three phone calls from each of the three I enquired/downloaded a demo of and had a fair number of emails answered… well it seems a little ‘desperate’

Did everyone pull their accounts when MF Global tanked? I remember seeing some ‘new account opening’ stats a few months back and the numbers looked small even in the USA.

Anyway, just thought I’d mention it as it was on my mind.


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