Monthly Archives: June 2012

Ooh! Ooh! Statistics and Progress

So rather than continue to flail around blindly in the dark I decided to have a schlep through all the trades made so far from Jan’11 to present.

This was mainly to search for statistical support for my ‘feeling‘ that I’m finally improving as a trader.

Yes, this may come as something of a shock 😉

Keep in mind that I’ve worked full time (and more) through this entire period and continue to do so. This means that I’ve not really placed a lot of trades in comparison to most I guess. In addition I’m still getting to grips with the seriously useful information I need to process from my last post here.

Anyway to avoid duplication and because people always, always check this out I’ve written the actual info as an update to my Results Page here

Thanks for everyone’s continued support, comments and feedback