7 thoughts on “Going from having a hobby to running a business

  1. Rogue Traderette

    Hi Rob – I love your blog. Just thought I’d tell you 🙂
    Also, what you’ve written here is so true. Even now, having a kindy kid still at home most days and other commitments means ‘running my business’ looks more like slotting it in while I’m still in my jammies.
    I certainly wouldn’t rock up to a real job in my jammies, so why is it okay at home? Fact is, it isn’t.
    Nice work.

    1. robertsweetman Post author

      Awww shucks #blush Thanks Jess 😀 Have to agree that scumming about in yesterdays clothes is guaranteed to mean I’ve not got my mind right 😉

  2. pb8856

    Getting up at 6 to check the markets, being at work for 9, back to the markets as soon as you get home and then not getting to bed until midnight. Just another day at the office !

    Make or break time. Good luck.

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