I love technical people, memes, coming up with solutions, process automation and strategy.

My role progression has been:-

  • Sales
  • Pre-Sales
  • Support
  • Support Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Software Release Manager
  • Program Manager
  • <coming soon> 😀

I really found my feet in Project Management and was knocked sideways (in a good way) when I encountered the fun and challenges associated with building software.

I’ve managed to teach myself PowerShell and with assistance from my colleagues that particular endeavor hasn’t resulted in horrible balls of mud.

I’m now learning Rust, build systems and have started down the road to obtain some Azure certifications. Check back here in 6 months for an update!

Big fan of Lean, DevOps thinking (the cultural bit, not the YAML) and the Toyota Kata approach to process improvement.

I read a lot.