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In light of recent events, maybe a different approach to trading is needed

It’s important, if you’re learning a new skill, to meet and learn from people who are already very good at the thing you’re trying to learn. This is self evident I think but if anyone needs proof then read some psychology. With this in mind it’s quite difficult to meet successful traders because they are thin on the ground, busy actually trading and not accessible to the ‘average’ punter.

However a few weeks ago I received an email from H2O promoting a day’s trading seminar by Anton Kreil – if anyone needs reminding this is the guy from the BBC2 TV series Million Dollar Traders. There were a couple of compelling reasons for me to attend this paid event: –

  1. Learn from the experts (see opening paragraph)
  2. Excellent value – compared to some stuff I’ve seen offered with little real ‘weight’
  3. Talked about taking a ‘different approach’ to trading
  4. Anton actually doing the talk rather than someone else
Now, without giving too much away I have to say the information Anton covered was easily the most useful I’ve seen and more importantly it just made sense.

I’ll break down why I think that last sentence is so important.

Looking at the experience I’ve had learning (teaching myself to trade) so far it’s moved in a number of stages: –

  1. Trading under a large number of false assumptions
  2. Losing and unlearning assumptions
  3. Getting educated but still making mistakes
  4. Questioning everything but still not being consistent
  5. Improving psychologically but still not having an edge and therefore still losing
  6. Taking a step back to look at the ‘big picture’
Currently I’m at stage 6 but I reckon lots of people give up before this point. It was also helpful that the seminar was on the Saturday following the first week of stock market falls…

Let’s concentrate on spread betting and the spread trading approach for the moment. I’ve posted this before but it’s worth repeating that people that start trading (especially opening spread-betting accounts with over inflated expectations) are told all about technical analysis and that it’s the way to approach the market.

No-one starts trading because they like looking at charts and love trading

On the face of it technical analysis looks simple to people who are starting trading and it’s sold as the answer to making money or even as a method for profiting from market moves.

This is where a lot of people spend an awful lot of time searching for the perfect trading system that delivers profits to them in all types of markets and regardless of what’s happening in the world. This plays into the market efficiency hypothesis and the quote that ‘everything is already in the price’… Unknown future events cannot possibly be factored into the price however.

Why was Anton’s seminar so very useful and why would I recommend it?

Simply because he’s managed to clearly present the framework that professional traders adopt in looking at the macro-economic environment in order to decide what trading ideas are going to make significant gains over the long term. This isn’t a ‘here’s a great strategy’ seminar – you can buy these by the dozen – but it covers how the professionals look at the world in order to make money.

Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places but after months of reading and trying to learn how to make money trading I can honestly say I’ve not run into the material presented by Anton anywhere else. So, if you wanted to look at the world and trading would you want to do this through the eyes of professional? I hope you’ve answered yes to this question!

I’d very much recommend anyone that is interested in learning a different approach to trading attend Anton’s next event here http://futuretraders2nov.eventbrite.com which contains more detail on the content.

Before anyone asks I’m not getting anything for promoting this event – it’s worth going to so go. Also, please don’t have the ‘technical analysis is the answer to everything’ argument with the guy at the front of the room. You’re in the audience for a reason and while TA is extremely useful you’ll learn why it’s not the be all and end all 😉